Updated 12 October 2018

Our next concert  in collaboration with Chiltern Music Academy is on 1 December 2018 at Kings Church, Amersham.

Rehearsal dates:
Tuesdays 16 Oct, 6 Nov (including AGM – see membership page), 13 Nov, 20 Nov, 27 Nov 

 All at Holmer Green Baptist Church from 7.45 to 10 pm  (Sat Nav HP15 6TD)

Saturday 1st December at the concert venue:
King’s Church, Amersham HP6 6LX
Rehearsal:  2 – 5pm

Concert start time: 6pm
Concert attire: Black (not DJs)

For details of membership please contact or our fixer, Louise Daghlian at or 07813 885274

Other contacts:
Violins          Linda Miller   01494 793506
Violas            Judy Hunter  01494 481146
Cellos            Virginia McMurtrie  01491 871291
Basses and all other players:   Louise Daghlian (details above)

Because the size of group is dependent on the programme to be performed, players are selected by invitation on a concert by concert basis.  For this reason, please don’t just turn up at rehearsals before checking that you are expected!