Updated 20 March 2022

John Adams:
Shaker Loops (26/11/11)

Tomaso Albinoni:
Adagio for Strings & Organ, (27/03/99) (11/05/07)
Concerto a Cinq Op9 No 9 (29/06/02)

Anton Arensky:
Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky (24/11/2012)

Charles Avison:
Concerto for Strings in G minor (03/11/01)

Johann Sebastian (J.S.) Bach:
Double Violin Concerto in D Minor (soloist Mark Wilson, Neil McTaggart 21/11/96),
Violin Concerto in A minor BMV 1041 (soloist Jessica Haxworth) (21/07/01)
Concerto for Violin & Oboe in D minor (Soloists Jenny Rothwell, Hillary Evans (23/11/02 and 29/03/03)
Harpsichord Concerto in F minor (Soloist Lewis Lev 01/03/97) (Soloist Margaret Iasaacson 03/07/05)
Brandenburg Concertos nos 2 ( soloists Pauline Dale, Zoe Hunter, Phil Singleton, Nick Ridley 02/07/2000))
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (29/11/97) (27/03/99) (12/11/05)
Brandenburg Concerto No 4 (Soloists Jessica Haxworth, Julia Nash, Pauline Dale 29/06/02) (Soloists John Martin, Teresa Cory, Caroline Lomax 22/05/10)
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, (19/07/99)
Suite in B minor (05/05/2001)
Suite No 1 in C major (24/11/07), (29/02/20)
Suite No 3 in D (27/03/99), (09/02/19)
Suite in B minor for Flute and Strings (Soloist Julia Riddell 30/06/07)
Magnificat in D (with the Camerata Consort 22/05/10), (with the Camerata Consort 09/02/19)
The Passion according to Saint John (2/4/2011 with The Camerata Consort: Bene’t Coldstream (Evangelist) and Matt Bernstein (Christus)), (19/03/2022, with The Camerata Consort: Alexander Hume (Evangelist) and Matt Bernstein (Christus))
The Passion according to St. Matthew (9/3/2013 with The Camerata Consort, Bene’t Coldstream (Evangelist) and Matt Bernstein (Christus),
Mass in B minor BWV 232 (21/3/2015 with the Camerata Consort)
Prelude and Fugue No 1 in C BWV 553 (01/03/97), (25/05/99)
Prelude and Fugue No 6 in G minor BWV 558 (01/03/1997)
Prelude and Fugue in D minor (25/05/99)
Sheep May Safely Graze (from Cantata 208) (28/03/98)
Cantata BVW 11 (Soloist Geraldine Rowe 23/11/02)
Cantata BVW 192 ‘Nun danket alle Gott’ (with the Camerata Consort 09/02/19)
Motet: ‘Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf’ (performed by the Camerata Consort 09/02/19)

Samuel Barber:
Adagio for strings (20/11/2010) (26/11/2011) (01/12/18)

Bela Bartok:
Romanian Folk Dances (01/03/97)(23/11/02)

Sally Beamish: 
The Day Dawn  (18/5/13)

Ludvig van Beethoven:
Piano Concerto No. 5 ‘Emperor’ (Soloist Rupert Egerton-Smith (17/5/2014)
Romance op 50 (Soloist Liz Suttie 19/07/97),
Symphony no 4 (10/03/07)

Ernest Bloch:
Fugue movement from Concerto Gross No. 1 for strings and piano obbligato (Soloist Sam Laughton 15/11/15)

Georges Bizet
Habanera and Sequidill from Carmen (Soloist Geraldine Rowe, 13/11/04)

William Boyce:

Symphony no 4 in F (23/11/02)

Neil Brand:
Say Not the Struggle Nought Availeth (Premiere, with Wooburn Singers, 12/10/19)

Johannes Brahms:
A German Requiem (25/2/2017 with the Camerata Consort)
Liebesleider Waltzes (23/11/19)

Benjamin Britten:
Simple Symphony (19/07/97) (08/03/08)
Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge (20/11/2010);
Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings (Soloist Bene’t Coldstream & Keith Maries (30/11/2013)

Frank Bridge:
Suite for String Orchestra (23/05/09)

Anton Bruckner
Motets (22/05/10)

George Butterworth:
Six songs from ‘A Shropshire Lad’ (Soloist Bene’t Coldstream, tenor, (16/5/2015)
The Banks of Green Willow (09/06/2018)

Domenico Cimarosa:
Concerto for oboe and strings (Soloist Hillary Evans 11/05/07)

William Croft:
Overture to Ode for the Peace of Utrecht (1/3/2014)

Aaron Copland:
“Quiet City” (Soloists Katie McClaughry, Rebecca McClaughry 23/11/03)
Hoe Down from ‘Rodeo’ (26/11/11) (with Chiltern Music Academy 01/12/18)

Arcangelo Corelli:
Christmas Concerto Op.6 No8 (02/12/2000)
Concerto Grosso Op.6  No.2 in F (17/07/10)
Concerto Grosso in B Flat Major (22/11/03)

Claude Debussy:
Two dances for Harp and Strings.  (26/5/12 Soloist Sarah Goss).

Frederick Delius:
Two Aquarelles (First Camerata Concert 26/06/96) (25/11/06) (20/11/2010) (18/5/13) (25th Anniversary Concert 16/10/21).
Air and Dance (16/5/2015)
On hearing the first Cuckoo in Spring (09/06/18)

Gaetano Donizetti:
Concertino in F for oboe (Soloist Hillary Evans 18/03/06)
Concertino for Cor Anglais (Soloist Nick Ridley 02/07/2000)
Allegro from String Quartet in D minor (arr Lambros) (02/12/2000)

David Drummond:
‘The Twinkle Boogie!’ (18/5/13 – with the Friday String Group) (01/12/18 – with Chiltern Music Academy)

Maurice Duruflé:
Requiem (with the Wooburn Singers 12/10/19)

Antonin Dvorak:
Rondo for cello and orchestra (Soloist Emma Owens 10/03/07)
Serenade for Strings Op 22 (25/11/2017)

Sir George Dyson:
Sweet Thames Run Softly (with the Wooburn Singers 12/10/19)

Sir Edward Elgar:
Serenade for Strings (19/07/97) (27/03/99) (27/03/10) (17/07/10)
Sospiri (17/03/12) (16/05/2015) (09/06/18)
Introduction and Allegro (26/5/12) (01/12/18)
Elegy (19/07/97), (09/06/18)

Duke Ellington:
Take the A Train (25/05/99)

Gabriel Faure:
Pavane for Orchestra (18/03/06)

Gerald Finzi:
“Dies Natalis” (Soloist Mark Wilde, 03/11/01) (also performed 26/5/2012 with Bene’t Coldstream, tenor. This was a 60th anniversary performance, recreating that given at Wycombe Abbey under the composer’s baton in June 1952, when the soloist was Wilfred Brown)
Romance for Strings (23/11/02) (with Chiltern Music Academy 01/12/18)
Clarinet concerto (23/05/09)

Doris Fisher:
The Old devil called love (25/05/99)

Giovanni Gabrieli:
Canzona a 12 (11/05/07)

Niels Wilhelm Gade:
Novelletten (01/03/97)

Francesco Saverio Geminiani:
Concerto Grosso in C min op2 no2 (19/03/05)

George Gershwin:
Someone to Watch Over Me (29/03/03)
The Man I Love (29/03/03)
Fascinating Rhythm (29/03/03)
Lullaby (26/11/11),
‘Summertime’ (18/5/13)

Charles-François Gounod 
Petite Symphonie for Wind (26/06/96)

Percy Grainger :
Dreamery; An Irish Folk Tune from County Derry (29/11/09)
Mock Morris (15/05/16)
Irish Tune from County Derry (29/11/09)  (15/05/16)
Molly on the shore (15/5/2016)
My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone (12/11/2016)

Geraldine Green
Flute Concerto (28/03/09 WORLD PREMIERE  Soloist Gary Woolf)

Edvard Grieg:
Holberg Suite (29/11/97) (27/03/10) (16/10/21)
Two elegiac melodies, Op 34  ( Last Spring, The Wounded Heart ) (01/04/2000) (29/11/08)

Ivor Gurney.
Four Elizabethan Songs, (with Bene’t Coldstream, tenor (16/5/2015)
In Flanders and By a Bierside (songs – soloist Geraldine Rowe, 09/06/18)

George Frideric Handel:
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (from Solomon) (03/11/01) (10/05/08)
“Zadok the Priest” (22/05/10 with the Camerata Consort)
Concerto Grosso in A Op 6 no 11 (25/06/1996) (10/05/08)
Concerto Grosso in D minor, Op 3 No 6; (25/05/99) (28/03/09)
Concerto Grosso in C minor Op. 6 No. 8 (15/11/15)
Concerto Grosso in F major Op. 3 No. 4 (29/02/20)
Suite of Dances from “Alcina” (01/04/2000)
Dixit Dominus (with the Camerata Consort 10/05/08), (with the Camerata Consort 29/02/20)
Concerto for Treble Recorder in F (Soloist Roger Deats 10/05/08)
Water Music Suite in F (29/11/09)
The ‘Utrecht’ Te Deum (1/3/2014 with the Camerata Consort)
Sonata for Violin in F Major (soloist Jessica Haxworth) (21/07/01)
Organ Concerto (Soloist Jeremy Rowe) (03/11/01)
Passacaglia (from Radamisto) (29/02/20)

Joseph Haydn:
Symphony no 49 in F minor “La Passione” (01/03/97), (29/11/09)
Symphony in E minor “Trauer” (02/12/2000)
Symphony in E major “The Philosopher” (25/05/04)
Toy Symphony (16/03/02)
Symphony No. 56 in C (27/2/2016),
Symphony No 59 in A major “Feuersymphonie” (24/11/07)
Symphony No. 85 “La Reine” 13/5/2017;
Symphony No 90 (28/03/09)
Cello Concerto in C, (Soloist: Alan Brett 13/11/04)  (Soloist Alan Brett 7/5/2011)
String Quartet Op 76 No 2 (21/11/96)
Overture ‘Il Ritorno di Tobia’ (06/06/21)
Symphony No. 60 in C Major (06/06/21)

Gustav Holst:
Fugal Concerto (Soloists Emily Stevens and Hillary Evans 25/05/04)
St Paul’s Suite (16/5/2015)

Herbert Howells:
Elegy for Viola, string quartet and Strings. (Soloist Mandy Perkins 25/11/06)  (Soloist Fiona Brodie 16/5/2015)
Psalm-Prelude Set One No.3 Psalm 23 v.4 (Solo Organ: Sam Laughton  09/06/18)

Johann Nepomuk Hummel:
Grand Concerto in F Major for Bassoon (soloist Matthew Dodd 02/12/2000)

John Ireland:
A Downland Suite (30/06/07)
Concertino Pastorale (29/11/08)

Charles Ives:
Hymn (26/11/11)

Leoš Janàček:
Serenade op 3 (29/03/03)

Scott Joplin:
The Entertainer (arr Lambros) (01/04/2000)(16/03/02)
Country Club (01/04/2000)

Frederick Kelly:
Elegy ‘In Memoriam Rupert Brooke’ (16/5/2015 and 12/11/2016);
Two Songs Op.1 (soloist Geraldine Rowe 12/11/16)
Waltz-Pageant Nos. 1, 4, 7 (Pianists Sam Laughton and Jeremy Rowe 12/11/16)
Serenade (Soloist Theresa Cory 12/11/16)
Music, when soft voices die Op 6 no 4 (Soloist Geraldine Rowe) (12/11/2016)

Simon Lambros:
“Suite Marimba” (Soloist Anne Sparkes on both occasions) (01/04/2000), (16/03/02)
Elegy, (02/07/2000)
Concerto for Organ and Strings (soloist Quentin Thomas on both occasions) (05/05/01)(29/06/02)
Of the Heart (Soloist Mark Wilde) (03/11/01)
Divertimento for Strings (25/11/06)
Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra (Soloist Mary-Ann Oakley 19/03/05)
Chamber Symphony (28/06/03) (18/03/06)
Sleeping Beauty (16/03/02)
‘Recessional’ (28/03/09 WORLD PREMIERE)
Variations on a Theme by Paganini (01/04/2000)

Antonio Lotti:
“Crucifixus” (11/05/07)

Witold Lutosławski
Funeral Music (25/11/17)

Gustav Mahler:
Adagietto from Symphony No. 5 (30/11/2013)

Sir Peter Maxwell-Davies:
Start Point (27/03/10)

Jacques Mazas:
Suite for String Trio (Soloists Zoe Hunter, Alex King, Sorrel Young 28/03/98)

Felix Mendelssohn:
“Schweizer Sinfonie” (28/02/04)
String Symphony No. 10 in B minor (17/07/10)
String Sinfionia No. 12 (19/10/2014)
Elijah (17/03/18 with the Camerata Consort)
Violin Concerto in E minor Op.64 (Soloist Alexandra Caldon 09/06/2019)

Claudio Monteverdi:
Beatus Vir (29/02/20)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Symphony no 1 in E flat K16 (09/06/2019)
Symphony no 21 in A  K134 (26/06/96) (29/06/02)
Symphony no 28 in A (05/05/01)
Symphony no 29 in A (7/5/2011),
Symphony no. 33 (30/11/2013),
Symphony no 40 in G minor, (19/07/99) (18/03/2006)
Symphony no 41 in C K551 (09/06/2019)
Masonic Funeral Music, (19/07/99)
Serenade for wind octet in E flat K375 (19/07/99)
Violin concerto no 5 in A major, K219, (Soloist Chihiro Ono 03/07/05) (Soloist Hana Mizuta-Spencer 06/06/21)
Violin Concerto in G K216 (Soloist Jessica Haxworth 29/06/02)
Horn Concerto in E flat K447 (Soloist Pam Wise 28/06/03)
Concerto for Flute & Harp K299 (Soloists Jane Harris and Rowena Wilkinson)
Piano Concerto in F K413 (soloist Lewis Lev, 29/11/97)
Sinfonia Concertante for wind (Soloists Hillary Evans, Susan Cossins, Tim Pocock, Fiona Byrne 25/05/04 and 13/11/04)
Divertimento in D K136 (28/03/98) ,(25/11/17),
Divertimento in F K138 (Salzburg Symphony No.3) (29/11/08) (17/07/10)
Serenata Notturno (21/11/96), (25/05/99)
Serenade Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K525 (19/07/1997), (27/11/99)
Motette Exultate Jubilate  (Soloist Geraldine Rowe 28/02/04)
Coronation Mass in C, K317 (17/3/12 with the Camerata Consort)
Church Sonata in C, K329 (17/03/12)
Piano concerto No 13 in C major K415 (Sam Laughton soloist) (15/11/15),
‘Great’ Mass in C minor (27/2/2016 with the Camerata Consort)
Adagio and Fugue in C minor K546 (21/11/96)
A Musical Joke (K522) (01/04/2000)
Andante for Flute and Orchestra (Soloist Jane Harris) (05/05/01)
Three Arias: Voi Che Sapete; Vedrai Carino; E Amore in Ladroncellow (Soloist Sally Cox 13/11/04)
Trio Soave Sia il Vento (Soloists Edwin Smith, Geraldine Rowe, Sally Cox (13/11/04)

Carl Nielsen:
Little Suite (30/06/07)
Clarinet concerto (soloist Mandy Burvill 13/5/2017)

Tony Osbourne
Frere Jazzer (with CMA strings 15/05/2016)

Johan Pachelbel
Canon in D (with Chiltern Music Academy 01/12/18)

Hubert Parry
English Suite (23/11/19)

Arvo Pärt:
Fratres (Version for strings and percussion) (08/03/08)
Orient and Occident (27/03/10)
Cantus ‘In Memoriam Benjamin Britten’ (13/5/2017).

Astor Piazzolla:
Four, for tango (25/05/99)
Melodia en La Menor (26/11/11)
Tres Minutos con la Realidad (26/11/11) (15/5/2016)
Oblivion (23/11/19)
Libertango (23/11/19)

Carl Pleyel:
Viola Concerto in D Major Op 31 (Soloist Guy Haskell 29/03/03)

Cole Porter:
You Do Something to Me (arr Lambros) (01/04/2000)

Francis Poulenc:
Concerto for Organ,String orchestra and Timpani (Soloist Clem Virgo 27/03/99) (Soloist: Mark Brafield 20/11/10)

Gaetamo Puccini:
“Crisantemi” (23/11/03) (29/11/08) (17/07/10)

Henry Purcell:
Music from “The Fairy Queen” (23/05/09) (17/07/10)
Suite from “The Fairy Queen” (arr Simon Walton) (23/22/19)
Chaconne (02/07/2000)
‘Chacony’ (arr. Britten) (28/03/98) (30/11/2013);
Ode ‘Hail Bright Cecilia’ (Giuo)’ ;
Fantasia upon one note (15/5/2016)
Rondeau from Abdelazer (15/05/2016)

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Suite for String Orchestra (25/11/06)

Maurice Ravel:
Introduction and Allegro (12/11/2016 Soloist Charlie Grimsey)
Le Tombeau de Couperin (09/06/2018 Movements introduced individually by Andrew Green)

Sergei Rachmaninov:
Vocalise (Soloist Geraldine Rowe 24/11/2012)

Einojuhani Rautavaara
Fiddlers (23/11/19)

Max Reger
Lyric Andante (01/03/97)

Ottorino Respighi:
Ancient Airs and Dances Suite No. 3 (29/11/08)

Jules Riley:
Choros no 1 “The Winds of Crete” for string orchestra (27/11/99)
Choros for String Orchestra – Winds of Crete, Lyra Dance, Ariadne, Bull Dance (21/07/01)

Gioachino Antonio Rossini:
Una voce poco fa (Soloist Geraldine Rowe 13/11/04)
Italian Girl in Algiers (10/03/07)

Giovanni ‘Nino’ Rota:
Dances form ‘Il Gattopardo’  (17/5/2014)

Edmund Rubbra:
Soliloquy for cello and orchestra (Soloist Emma Owen 10/03/07)

John Rutter:
Suite Antique for Flute, Harpsichord and strings (30/06/07)
Suite for Strings (based on folk songs) (16/10/21)

Camille Saint Saëns:
Prelude from Le Deluge (soloist Linda Miller 26/05/12)

Franz Schubert:
Symphony no 5 (02/07/2000) (13/05/2017),
Symphony No. 8, “Unfinished” (03/07/05)

Robert Schumann:
Traumerei (from Kinderszenen) 19/10/2014

Anna Semple:
Tango for String Orchestra (premiere – 23/11/19)

Dmitri Dimitriyevich Shostakovich:
Chamber Symphony in C, Op110a;
Concerto for Piano, Trumpet & Strings, (Solists Ingrid Attwater and Cathy Gough 27/11/99)
Romance from ‘the Gadfly’ (20/05/06)
Chamber Symphony in C, Op110a (19/03/05) (24/11/2012)

Jean Sibelius:
Valse Triste (28/03/98) 
Impromptu (27/03/10)
Rakastava (‘The Lover’) Op.14 (28/02/04) (25/11/17)

D.C. Smith:
Rolling Downs

Anne Sparkes:
Prayer (Soloist on Marimba, Anne Sparkes) (01/04/2000)
The Mayflower Suite (21/07/01)

Karl Stamitz:
Sinfonie Concertante for Violin and Viola (Soloists Elizabeth Suttie, Sue Taylor 24/11/07)

Ian Stephens:
‘Dance for Sring’ (18/5/13 – with the Friday String Group)

Johann Strauss (Younger)
Pizzacato Polka (01/04/2000), (16/03/02)

Richard Strauss:
Metamorphosen (19/10/2014)

Igor Stravinsky:
Concerto in E flat: Dumbarton Oaks (24/11/2012);
Concerto for Strings in D ‘Basel’ (15/11/15);
Suite ‘Pulcinella’ (25/2/2017)

Thomas Tallis:
Canon (15/05/16)

Erna Tauro :
Autumn Song arranged by and with kind permission from Hans-Erik Holgersson (16/10/21)

Georg Philipp Telemann:
“Perpetuum Mobile” (29/11/97)
Heldenmusik (02/07/2000)
Concerto for Viola in G Major (Soloist Fiona Brodie 25/05/04)

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky:
Serenade for Strings (08/03/08)
Waltz from Serenade Op48 (16/03/02)
Andante Cantabile from String Quartet No.1, Op. 11 in D major (24/11/2012),
Melodrama from ‘The Snow Maiden’ (18/5/13)

Carlo Guiseppe Toëschi
Symphony in D (28/02/04)

Giuseppe Torelli:

Concerto in D minor Op 6 No 10 (19/07/1997),
Concerto in D minor Op 10, No 10 (02/07/2000)
Trumpet Concerto in D (Soloist Cathy Gough 27/11/99)

Ralph Vaughan Williams:
Charterhouse Suite (23/11/02)
Fantasia on Greensleeves, (01/04/2000)
Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis (20/05/06), (27/03/10)  (15/5/2016),
Five variants on Dives and Lazarus (28/03/09)
Serenade to Music (17/3/12)
The Lark Ascending (Soloist Thomas Aldren 09/06/18)
Symphony No.3 “Pastoral”, 2nd movement: Lento Moderato (09/06/18)

Antonio Vivaldi:
Concerto Grosso op3, No 11 (27/11/99)
Concerto Grosso Op.3 No. 2 in G minor (29/11/08)
Concerto for Flute and Strings  (Soloist Judith Jerome, 28/03/98)
Concerto in C for Two Flutes (Soloists Pauline Dale and Liz Spencer 02/07/2000)
Concerto in A minor for Two Violins Op 3 No 8 (Solo Violas Hege Aldren and Lynette Wynn 29/03/03) (Soloists Linda Miller and Jenny Rothwell 11/05/07)
Concerto in D minor for 2 cellos and strings (12/11/05)
Concerto for Bassoon in B flat (Soloist Christine Barson 23/11/02)
Concerto in C minor for Viola and String Orchestra (Soloist Mandy Perkins 25/11/06)
“Gloria” (with the Camerata consort),
Sonata No. 3 for cello and orchestra
Sonata No 5 for cello and orchestra (25/05/99)
Violin Concerto: The Four Seasons (soloist Lawrence Jackson 20/05/06), (soloist Thomas Aldren 18/5/13)
Violin Concerto “Autumn” (Soloist Mark Wilson 21/11/96)
Concerto in C minor for viola (arr from violincello concerto),
Magnificat in G minor RV610 (17/3/12 with the Camerata Consort)
Concerto for four violins in B minor op3 no 10 (Soloists Linda Miller, Jane Large, Lyn Jenkins, Alan Thorogood 15/11/15)
Symphonia in C (21/07/01)

Richard Wagner:
The Siegfried Idyll (17/5/2014)

Simon Walton:
The Lion and the Mouse  (WORLD PREMIERE for 25th Anniversary Children’s Concert 16/10/21)

William Walton:
Two pieces from Henry V (26/5/12) (16/10/21)

Peter Warlock:
Serenade for Strings (26/06/96), (25/11/06)
Capriol Suite ( 20/05/06) (26/5/12) (16/10/21)

Samuel Wesley:
Symphony No. 5 in A (07/05/11)

Dag Ivar Wirén:
Serenade for String Orchestra Op 11 (28/03/98) (23/11/03) (16/10/21)

Vincent Youmans:
Tea for Two (01/04/2000)