Updated 22 September 2016

The Life and Music of Frederick Septimus Kelly

On Saturday, 12 November in All Saints’ Parish Church, Marlow, the Chiltern Camerata will be performing a special concert commemorating the life and music of Frederick Septimus Kelly on the centenary of his death in action in the First World War.

This remarkable Australian-born polymath lived at Bisham Grange near Marlow and not only won a gold medal for rowing in the 1908 London Olympics, but was a concert pianist and composer, a socialite and a fascinating diarist.
The concert will feature songs and instrumental and orchestral compositions by Kelly including his Elegy ‘In Memoriam Rupert Brooke’.  (Brooke was a personal friend.)  These works will be threaded together with music of his associates and contemporaries including Percy Grainger and Maurice Ravel, whose Introduction and Allegro will form part of the programme.
The performance, directed by Sam Laughton and brought to life by narrator Andrew Green, will offer fascinating insights into Kelly and his prodigiously talented life, which was snuffed out all too soon at the Battle of the Somme.  It will re-visit the links between his life as a musician, his sporting prowess, his local connections and his position in contemporary society in the years leading to the outbreak of war.  Other new insights are promised!
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Diary Date!
12 November 2016 at Marlow Parish Church: a special commemorative concert of words and music including the life and work of Frederick Kelly and others associated with WW1.

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